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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger (July 30, 1947 - ) 
Okay, I admit it is stretching it when I call him an "historical figure."  But when I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I think of a very determined man.  Whatever he sets his mind to, he usually achieves. 
He had very humble beginnings as the son of an Austrian policeman.  As a teenager he became interested in bodybuilding, and decided that he was going to be the best.  And he achieved this goal by becoming Mr. Olympia seven times.  After bodybuilding, he turned his sights on Hollywood.  I won't claim that he is a great actor, but no one can argue with me that he is not a successful actor.  Some of his movies are good, a few are great, and a few are . . . well, not so great.  But I find them entertaining, and he has made a lot of money making them. 

So what is it that I like about Arnold Schwarzenegger?  It is his determination.  He wanted to be a great bodybuilder, and through his force of will, his motivation, his drive and discipline, he achieved it.  He wanted to be a great movie star.  That same force of will, motivation, drive and discipline let him achieve this also.  Arnold's secret is self-promotion.  There are very few people who are better at it (you would have to look into the political world to find better -- and who knows he might go there someday too).  And the basis of his self-promotion is a belief in himself.  He sets a goal, he believes in himself, and he drives forward to that goal -- much like an unstoppable force of nature. 

Another thing I admire about Arnold Schwarzenegger is that he is a staunch Republican who married Maria Shriver Kennedy.  She is from the famed Kennedy family of John (President), Robert and Ted -- all very staunch Democrats.  Can you imagine what a large family dinner would be like with all those personalities around one table.  The story of Romeo and Juliet would not have been a tragedy if Romeo had been more like Arnold . . . . 

Side Note:  I was right about Arnold someday getting into politics.  Late in 2003 he became govenor of California.  Quite amazing for an Austrian immigrant.  But was I on track or what when I said he might someday get in to politics.  And I wrote that back in 2001.  ;-)


Career Titles 

1965      Mr. Europe - Junior (Germany) 
1966      Best Built Man of Europe (Germany) 
1966      Mr. Europe (Germany) 
1966      International Powerlifting Championship (Germany) 
1967      NABBA Mr. Universe - Amateur (England) 
1968      NABBA Mr. Universe - Professional (England) 
1968      German Powerlifting Championship (Germany) 
1968      IFBB Mr. International (Mexico) 
1969      IFBB Mr. Universe - Amateur (USA) 
1969      NABBA Mr. Universe - Professional (England) 
1970      NABBA Mr. Universe - Professional (England) 
1970      Mr. World (USA) 
1970      IFBB Mr. Olympia (USA) 
1971      IFBB Mr. Olympia (France) 
1972      IFBB Mr. Olympia (Germany) 
1973      IFBB Mr. Olympia (USA) 
1974      IFBB Mr. Olympia (USA) 
1975      IFBB Mr. Olympia (South Africa) 
1980      IFBB Mr. Olympia (Australia) 

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