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Welcome to the Guestbook for the Kerman Photo History website.  Here you can leave comments or suggestions about the site.  Or if you wish you can simply sign the guestbook and let me know who has been visiting the site.  I appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you.  If you want to contact me directly, send me an email by clicking here

And thank you to all of the wonderful people who have already signed the guestbook and left little tidbits of Kerman history.  This page is turning into the best part of the website! 

-- Thanks, Scott 

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Notice: all submissions are screened for SPAM by the web master before being posted so don't bother if you are trying to promote a website that has nothing to do with Kerman.  


Name:  Fenya powell
Date:  Jan 24, 2008 at 14:47:53
Address:  fenya.powell at us dot army dot mil
Comment:  It was nice to see how much kerman has grown. I grew up in kerman and moved in 1988. I was one of the crazy russians. "Babshoff"

Name:  Armando Brionez
Date:  Nov 11, 2007
Address:  papamondo at netzero dot com
Comment:  Hi from bellingham washington. I went to school in Kerman in 68-69 an have very fond memorys of going to school their. I would like to hear from any one that i went to high school with. My brothers also went to kerman inthe late 60s . We ran track an our photo is in the 1969 year book . I am still running after all these years an it has taken me far from the grape vinyards of Kerman. 

Name:  Jeanette Potter Bischoff 
Date:  June 17, 2007
Address:  j_bischoff_2000(at)yahoo(dot)com  Gilroy, CA
My dad, Verne Potter grew up and graduated from high school in Kerman. I have very fond memories visting my grandparents, Clyde and Edna Potter at their home in Kerman. Dad has been gone for two years now, but Mom, Ruth is doing well. I know she, Jim Potter, and Wilda Potter would appreciate it if I told everyone hello on their behalf. Out of nine children Wilda and Jim are still carrying on!

The site brought back happy memories, thank you!

Jeanette (Potter) Bischoff

Name:  Ron Dobbs 
Date:  June 8, 2007
Address:  Goldwataer64S6(at)aol(dot)com  Oklahoma
It was the winter of 1946 when my family lived in a tent in Kerman. There were trailer houses and tents in the complex.
I remember a church being there and an olive tree in the middle of the complex.
I was four years old and would take my brother to Sunday School at the church. (he was two)
My dad hauled grapes for somebody.
I don`t remember being hungry and all the folks in the complex were very friendly.
Thanks for the great site, Scott.
Hand tough, buddy and if we don`t know where we have been, IMO we have no idea where we want to go.

Name:  John A. Richardson 
Date:  May 31, 2007
Address:  27hcir_78(at)cox(dot)net  Sun City West, AZ
Grandson of Clyde and Edna Potter. My daughter, Linda, sent me the link to your Kerman site and what memories it brought back. When I lived there it was a dusty little town of about 4,000. Understand now it's a commuting suburb of Fresno....not sure that's a good thing, but that's "progress" in this day and age.

Name:  Linda Rose 
Date:  May 29, 2007
Address:  lindalou(at)astound(dot)net  Concord, CA
Great website. My great grandparents, Clyde & Edna Potter, lived in Kerman. My father spent a lot of his youth out at their place and I have wonderful memories of visiting for huge family reunions many times a year. It was so long ago, but it really was the best of times. I enjoyed visiting your website.

Name:  Betty J. Guthrie 
Date:  March 27, 2007
Address:  bettyjguthrie(at)charter(dot)net  Arroyo Grande CA
Great Website. My greatgrandmother once owned a Restaurant/Bar and little home on the main road in Kermin back in 1959-62. I remember it being so hot, we had to sleep out on the screened porch on cots. I have a photograph of my family inside the bar and it shows a really old cirgarette machine and really pretty pine panelling. Would anyone remember the name of that Restaurant/Bar? I have always considered it a truck stop because the big rigs would stop in on their long hauls to/from Fresno. I remember walnut orchards, and my cousin says cotton fields growing out back of the restaurant.

Thanks for the memories. Anyone with information on the old bar/restaurant, please feel free to email me.

Betty J. Guthrie

Name:  Mark V. 
Date:  March 9, 2007
Address:  Calif.
Hello. My grandfather was the original owner of JV Furniture on Madera Ave in town. He made and repaired furniture. The current building was completed a couple of years before he passed away in 1987. The business used to be called Kerman Custom Furniture I believe. He also grew table grapes on a farm on Kearney Blvd. I miss him. I enjoyed my time with him and my grandmother during the summers. There will never be people like them again. Treasure your elders while you can.

Name:  florence & lester whitbaker 
Date:  February 24, 2007
Address:  milan, italy
bored out of our minds, on saturday afternoon in italy we came across your AMAZING website of QUAINT OL' KERMAN.we are so happy and thankful to be HERE. the cathharsis was amazing and an incredible added value to our lives. thank god for Kerman. long live Kerman.
thank you,
florence & lester

Name:  dennis wegley 
Date:  January 23, 2007
Address:  dlwegley(at)msn(dot)com
I was born in the old Dearborn Hosp. Madera, 1942. We lived across from the old Kerman H.S. on Madera Ave. I went to Empire School till 1952 when we moved too Fresno. Ihave many fond memories of those years.

Name:  Rajvinder Singh 
Date:  Oct 16, 2006
Address:  Singh3d(at)hotmail(dot)com
Comment:  great Idea.

Name:  Roy Rendon
Date:  Oct 13, 2006
Kerman was good for me to grow up-in

Name: Betty Bolding 
Date: Thursday, July 13, 2006 
Address: bgibson395(at)aol(dot)com

Date: Tuesday, July 4, 2006 
Address: thidujserrano(at)hotmail(dot)com
Comment: I graduated from kerman high in 2002. I have so many good memories living there, hope 2 go back soooonnn

Name: Olen White 
Date: June 2, 2006 
Address: WhiteO7176(at)kermantel(dot)net 
Comment: I have been in Kerman all my life, born and raised. We have a portable museum of Kerman and would like to set up a permanent one. We are looking for a sponsor and a building. We have had many comments from people wanting a permanent museum and hope to have one someday. We just finished a 100 year history book of Kerman from 1906 to 2006, plus a studio quality DVD. We are also planning a larger, more extensive book in the future which will cover more of the history of Kerman. For all those who read this I will be working with Scott on beefing up his website so all can have an opportunity to read and see the history of Kerman and hopefully some interesting stories in the process. From Kerman's historian, enjoy. 

Name: kalin 
Date: March 19, 2006 
Address: bonzi413(at)aol(dot)com 
Comment: my grandfather was the mayor of kerman 
i was wondering if any one new him his name was Bennett middleton. there was a street named after him. 

Name: Anthony Martinez 
Date: January 30, 2006 
Address: anthonyM(at)yahoo(dot)com 
Comment: HI cool site you should put more pictures if you need help just email me ;) any one else wanna email me go ahead 

Name: Nancy Jarmain 
Date: December 2, 2005 
Address: glennnancy at oregonfcu dot com 
Location:  Reedsport, Oregon 97467 
Comment: Was quite impressed with the Kerman Telephone Co. new Building. My husband worked for the Telephone Co. from 1957-1977. We moved to the Oregon Coast in Spring of 77. Bought 2 Motel's, Sold them in l985 and l989. We've been retired since then.  Kerman has sure grown since we lived there. 
Nancy Jarmain 

Name: Darla (Cauble) Gustaitis 
Date: November 5, 2005 
Address: darlagus at hotmail dot com 
Location:  Monterey 
Comment: Has anyone out there seen or heard from Tammy (Dettman) Coleman? I really need to get in touch with her! Please email me if you know where she is. Thank you. And thank you Scott for this website......D 

Name: Bryan F. 
Date: October 17, 2005 
Location: Kerman, CA 
Comment: Hey Scott, I just googled Kerman and found your site. Everything you tell of a great small town to grow up in is true. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Don't forget to tell everyone about our GoKart track. It was one of the first. 

Name: Stacy Frost 
Date: October 5, 2005 
Address: weRspoken4 at peoplepc dot com 
Comment: I found your site while searching for information about my husbands family. His grandfather, Jack J. Frost died recently and the funeral was at St. Patricks church. Jack's father was the son of Frank and Sally Frost also from Kerman. My husband says that the sign from the old garage they used to own still stands, but I missed seeing it. The sign on the shop says "Frost Garage". I sure hope someone in the Frost family can salvage it. Do you have any information about Hardtop racing in the 1950's? It was one of Grandpa's favorite things to do, along with fabricating parts for cars and farm equipment and building mini Model T cars and toy trains. 
Your site was helpful and the pictures are great. That little town sure holds alot of history. 

Date: September 17, 2005 
Address: thedawsonfarms at earthlink dot net 
Location:  MINERAL VA 

Name: Beverly Allen 
Date: August 7, 2005 
Address: Beverlyallen104 at msn com Bakersfield 
Comment: Hi. I'm formerly Beverly Hardy (Jean & LeRoy Hardy's eldest daughter). My husband, John and I visited Kerman yesterday and were amazed at the growth in homes and population. 

Name: christy gibson 
Date: July 28, 2005 
Address: desert hot springs ca 
Comment: Kerman! What a wonderful place! 
I have so many good memories living there and attending the Church on 4th St. 
My grandparents WE Long and Aaron And Lola Anderson all lived there in the 
1950 and 60s maybe even before then 

The best days were going to Kerman high and also eating the tuna sandwiches the ladies made in the cafeteria, also the 
Boston Cream Cake. 

Also Ms. Breckinridge was one of the best 

Name: jamie gibson 
Date: May 20, 2005 
Comment: well ya kerman is a nice place to live and also everyone knows everyone if not youll kn ow someone that knows everyone. 
thers alot of people here 

Name: Samyra Orozco 
Date: April 19, 2005 
Address: notonlyhotlips yahoo com 
Comment:  Hello, my name is Samyra. I practically lived my whole life in kerman. Kerman is a small town that is growing everyday. It is so kool liking in kerman. 

Name: Tanner Torrano 
Date: April 11, 2005 
Address:  ttorrano at calpoly edu 
Comment: I graduated from Kerman High in 2004 and tonight I decided to look up Kerman and see what is happening. I am glad that someone has finally decided to put up a site. 

Name: gennise biggs 
Date:  April 5, 2005 
Location:  newport,oregon 
Comment:  I lived in Kerman for a few years and was married to Daniel "Stoney" Biggs. Divorced and moved away several year's ago. Kerman has grown and changed since I left. Nice website. 

Name: Jeanne 
Date: 03/02/2005 
Comment: This webpage is great. I am a newcomer to Kerman and all your information has taught me about the places and resources available for the community; specially to learn more about the history. I loved it. 

Name: pierre 
Email Address: pierre_henry_871 hotmail fr 
Comment: Hi, Im French and I love your website, you must have done an hard work to create it and I want to say you that your site is wonderful, thanks for your excellent work and good luck for your next creation ;o) 

Name: Rick Espino 
Date: Feb.14,2005 
Email Address: rickespino charter net 
Comment: Great Site, I grew up in Kerman, graduated 1973. I still visit when I can, I now live in Hollister, ca near Monterey. It was a great place to grow up. 

Name: Camille Fox 
Date: 25 January 2005 
Email Address: camilo_billow hotmail com 
Comment: What a wonderful website! It is very likely that my family will be relocating from Tucson, AZ to Kerman next month (March.) Seeing photos of what will be our new home has helped me to get more excited for the move. It looks like a wonderful place. Thank you 

Name: Matthew Carlson 
Date: 23/01/05 
Email Address: mcarlson free fr 
Comment: My great grandfather was the 1st person to buy land in the area (the 1880s) which is known today as Kerman. His name was John Carlson and in the beginning it was a Swedish colony..... Their ranch, where they had vinyards, stayed in the family for a hundred years ... 

Date: 1/19/05 
Email Address: LIL_BABY_GURL_L3  YAHOO  COM 
Comment:  Hey! I grew up in Kerman California. It is a great place to live in. You know everybody here. It is such a nice town with great neighbors. I am attending the Kerman middle school. I am a seventh grader in a honors English class. Kerman has great teachers. I really enjoy going to this website. 

Name: Nyoka Quinton 
Date: 12-28-2004 
Email Address: nyoka_40 hotmail com 
Comment: Nice website.I`ve never been to your town and now in a way I have.I have an old friend whom I met in Oregon many years ago who lives there.Cindy C., learning about where she lives is what led me to your site.I now live in Hot Springs National Park,AR 

Name: Darla (Cauble) Gustaitis 
Date: 11/11/2004 
Email Address: darlagus at hotmail 
Comment: thanks so much for this wonderful site. I have been looking for a picture of Vinland School and was thrilled to find one here. My grandparents spoke of Vinland school (I grew up on Shaw and Vinland). Thanks again. 

Name: Alexis Lopez 
Date: 10/2/04 
Comment: Kerman is A great place, I am recently attending Kerman Middle School as a 7th grader, I moved to Kerman about 2 years ago and I think its the best place to grow up! 

Name: Dylan Ramirez 
Email Address: DRJamz7 at hotmail 
Comment: Great web-site, I grew up in Kerman graduating in 1990 and i still visit kerman when i can, great times i had. 

Name: Lori Fehr 
Date: 08-31-04 
Email Address: jssmiser at webtv net 
Comment: I just wanted to let you know how much I and my family appreciate all you do for our school! Thanks for being such a supporative parent. Lori 

Name: Martin Rios 
Date: 08/12/2004 
Email Address: martimarr30 at hotmail com 
Comment: I think this is a great idea,,, I grew up in Kerman, and now live in Seattle Washington.I am trying to connect with old class mates to find out about a 20 year class reunion, and am having little or no luck...can you help?....any info would be much appreciated. 

Name: Bryan Arabian 
Date: 8/8/2004 
Email Address: Bryan at BabyArabian com 
Comment: Nice job. 

Name: Shelley Lewis 
Date: 7/22/04 
Email Address: sdlewis4 at juno com 
Comment: My Great Grandparents lived on a ranch on Kearney Blvd. for over 50 years. My Grandma and my Mom both grew up there in Kerman. I have so many fond memories myself of the area. Thank you for taking the time to put the website together. 

From: Myra (KELL) McCreery 
Date:   Mon, June 14, 2004 
Email:   myraandbill at earthlink net 

It was with great pleasure that I looked at your "Kerman Photo History" today. 
My Grandfather, Ross SLOPER arrived in Kerman 1912 w/1 or 2 men from Marion Co OR. to build a home for their family in what is now Biola.  They had purchased land (Sycamore Ranch Tract).  (do you have any idea of how they would have learned about the sale of this Tract?) 
My Grandmother, Elsie & 4 children: Erma Ione, Elma Irene, Ross Wayne & 3 month old William Maurice Sloper arrived in Kerman via train from Woodburn, OR., along with Elsie's Mother Rachel who had TB.   My grandfather met them & took them home via horse & wagon to the house he had built  Alongside the river.  That was their home until 1934/35.  Two more sons were born in that time; Carroll & Robert. 
You may know of my Uncle Maurice & his sons Avery & Ross Sloper.  They raised Thompson seedless grapes along Shaw Ave until a few years ago. 
My Mother, Elma & her sister, Erma attended Vinland School and they & brother Wayne graduated from Kerman Highschool.   Erma 1922 & Elma 1923, both going on to study at U. C.  Berkeley. 
The photos your site has, are great additions to my Family History. 
Myra (KELL) McCreery 
Carroll Sloper became a School Teacher & Administrator in Chowchilla til his retirement. 

Name: Gloria Valdez 
Date: 5/25/04 
Email Address: gvaldezgsgvc at yahoo com 
Comment: Great web-site, I grew up in Kerman graduating in 1973. I still visit my family often. It was great seeing Mr Knowles after so many years. 

Name: Cheryl McLain/Dowd 
Date: May,24,2004 
Email Address: Runningduv1 at aol com 
Comment: The First Free Will Baptist Church on 2nd and C st. in Kerman,Ca. was started by my paternal grandfather, Rev. George W. McClain of Ok. I was married to my husband, Rick Dowd of Kerman, in that very church on Jan.14,1967. Rick was the Kerman High class of  ... 

Name: Carlene Drake Putler 
Date: May 21,2004 
Email Address: Ojputcar aol com 
Comment: I have just returned from the 60th reunion of the class of 1944 where we enjoyed renewing old friendships. I will look through pictures I have and will send them so you can include them in your website. It is great! 

Name: Sam Marchini 
Date: 4/30/04 
Email Address: TeenageFireFlyzz hotmail com 
Comment: Hey I have really been enjoying your photo history portion of your website. I wanted to recommend that you fix your broken links on the first photo page so that we can view all the pictures. The old pictures are really interesting. I find Im actually star ... 

Date: 4/4/04 
Email Address: BGBPE at AOL  COM 
Comment: I grew up on a farm behind the old Kerman High School graduating in 1953.Kerman remains in my memory as a great place to grow up and live.I am in the process of writing my life history and Kerman plays a large part in it. 

Name: harvey nevarez 
Date: 01-26-04 
Email Address: harveydarvey at yahoo com 
Comment: Scott,great web site!After traveling the world and living abroud for so many years,its great to be able to look back at the place i once called home,thanks 

Name: Cheryl McLain/Dowd 
Date: Jan. 9,2004 
Email Address: Runningduv1 at aol com 
Comment: Thank You Scott for having this KERMAN site to visit. My grandparents, Lee and Zella Ramsey on their way from Oklahoma to Washington State, stopped in Kerman and never left!! Grandpa built their home out on South Shasta Ave., farmed the land, raised two daughters 

Name: colleen roe 
Date: 12-02-2003 
Email Address: colleenroe at hotmail com 
Comment: Enjoyed... seeing the pictures of kermans mainstreet ... my parents owned a business ...very near the park ... and i was married in the kerman covenant church in 1972 ...great looking back.... I live in colorado now.... thanks colleen 


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