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This is my digital camera.  The information below was found on the Olympus web site. 

Olympus Camedia 2020 
C-2020 Zoom 
The CAMEDIA C-2020 Zoom is a camera of firsts: the first Olympus filmless digital camera to shoot color or black & white images and the first Olympus camera with the capability to shoot up to 60 seconds of QuickTimeTM movie. 

But the C-2020 Zoom is also an advanced camera, for an advanced photographer. Based on the stylish design of the award-winning C-2000 Zoom, the C-2020’s high-resolution 3x zoom lens (equivalent to a 35-105mm zoom on a 35mm film camera) and 2.11 megapixel capacity capture beautiful, 24-bit color photo-quality images. Other advanced features include fully automatic and true manual controls for focus, white balance, and exposure; a new Wide-View 1.8” LCD, for easy viewing at any angle, even in direct sunlight; a wireless remote control; a new power control dial and better power efficiency; and more user-friendly menus and controls.  

With these improvements, its robust software package, and its award-winning heritage, the C-2020 is also bound to be another first—your first choice in a filmless digital camera.  

Features and Benefits 
1/2” CCD with 2.11 megapixel 24-bit color resolution and seven image-recording modes, including uncompressed TIFF  
World-class, 8-element f 2.0-2.8 3x zoom lens (35-105mm equivalency) and digital telephoto zoom for the equivalent of a 260mm lens  
Fully automatic and fully manual focus, white balance, exposure, and ISO settings—for convenience and full creative control  
Shoot in 24-bit color, black & white with grayscale images, or with the sepia mode for a warm tone image (like an antique effect)  
QuickTimeTM movie shooting mode, capturing 15fps (at 320 x 240 pixels) or 60fps (at 160 x 120 pixels)  
Wide-View 1.8” LCD allows users to view images in the camera at any angle—even in low light or direct sunlight—and features a 3x magnification inspection mode—letting you see all the detail in the image with out downloading it  
Beautiful, ergonomic lightweight design, with compact titanium-tinted aluminum body  
Improved external flash mode—allows manual control of the flash and prevents camera shake at slow shutter speeds  
More user-friendly controls, menus and settings—for true consumer convenience  
Better battery consumption efficiency, for longer usability and less frequent battery changes  
NTSC video out function allows easy viewing on a television or recording on a VCR  
Includes an 8MB Olympus SmartMediaTM card with panorama feature, Mac®/Windows® serial download cable, four “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries, quick charger kit, and infrared remote control (for remote recording and playback)  
Compatible with optional USB SmartMedia Reader/Writer, FlashPath® Floppy Disk Adapter, or PCMCIA Adapter Card—for fast, convenient dowloads  
3x Olympus 8-element f2.0-f-11 3x aspherical glass optical zoom lens with additional 1.6/2.0/2.5x digital telephoto zoom—for the 35mm equivalence of 35-105mm zoom (260mm digital) and truly photographic results:  

Complete manual or fully automatic focus  
Macro capability, for shots as close as 8” away  
Fast f2.0 to f11 with aperture control in 1/3 stop increments is ideal for creative control  
Flash System 
The C-2020 Zoom features a built-in pop-up 5-mode flash with +/- 2-step exposure control in third step increments, for professional-quality versatility and performance. The C-2020 is also compatible with external flashes through its PC sync connection.  

Flash automatically fires in low light or back-lit conditions  
Fill-in flash fires with every shot, erasing shadows and providing balanced illumination  
Switch the flash off when shooting where flash photography is prohibited, or not wanted  
Red-eye reducing flash lamp helps red-eye reflection in portrait photography  
Flash-sync connector for external flashes or studio strobe systems  
Slow synchronization flash on first or second curtain allows for creative flash photography  
SmartMediaTM Cards 
Having extra reusable, removable SmartMedia cards on hand means you'll never miss a shot. The C-2020 Zoom comes equipped with an 8MB SmartMedia card, but can also use additional, 16, 32 and 64MB cards.  

USB Reader/Writer 
For ultra-quick downloads on USB-compatible computers, check-out our USB Reader/Writer. Designed to work with the new Apple® G-3s, G-4s, iMacs and iBooks, as well as Windows® 98 computers, it downloads images at speeds near 1MB per second—nearly 80 times faster than traditional serial.  

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