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On March 14, 2009 the Sierra Foothill Conservancy held an open house at The McKenzie Table Mountain Preserve. Fred Schreiber, my old biology professor from CSU Fresno invited me along for a day of hiking with Lisa and Richard Kjar. We had a leisurely hike along a dirt road to the base of the north table mountain. From there the trail steeply climbed to the mountain top. Along the way we were treated to spectacular views as we gained altitude. But the real treasure lay at the top of the table where we found vernal pools and an incredible array of wild flowers. By the time we were done hiking we had walked 7.6 miles (round trip) and ascended 1,100 feet.

I'm facinated by old, knarled trees.

Fred led us to a small stream and pointed out a newt. This species secretes a toxin from its skin which is very poisonous.

This is the abandoned SJ&E railroad bed. The railway was built in 1912 to serve the Big Creek Project and was dismantled in 1933. It was known as the "crookedest railroad in the world" because it had 1073 curves, the sharpest of which was 60 degrees. Considering its age, it is still in good shape.  Approximate Location:  N 37° 1.108'   W 119° 35.417'

Fred Schreiber, Lisa and Richard Kjar and another hiker.

The basalt layer that caps the tabletop mountain.

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Flowers - Panoramas

Home > Sierra Foothills > McKenzie Table Mountain PreserveMarch 2009 Open House - Page 1

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