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On March 28, 2009 I did a solo hike along the San Joaquin River Trail (SJRT). I started my hike in the San Joaquin River Gorge Management Area. The trail head is currently located at N37° 4.948' W119° 33.238' but I cut a mile off of the trail by taking a short connecting trail located at N37 04.056 W119 33.484 which joined the SJRT at N37 04.017 W119 33.410. I hiked approximately three miles following the river down stream and then turned around.

In the Spring this is a beautiful place to explore. Wild flowers are abundant, painting the hillsides with color.

The San Joaquin River and the back end of Millerton Lake

Squaw Leap

I was amazed by how lush the foothills were this time of year.

Here the SJR Trail passed under some oaks giving me a shady, cool spot to linger in.  The soil was still moist from a rain earlier in the week.

When I rounded a turn in the trail I was treated to a beautiful display of purple flowers.

The river was only about half full.

Part of Big Sandy Creek flowing into the San Joaquin River

The highlight of the hike was a rushing stream (part of Big Sandy Creek) that flowed below a massive tumble of rocks (N37 03.764 W119 33.936).  The water was out of sight, but could be easily heard rushing below.  When I looked in between the rocks I felt a pronounced cool, damp breeze wafting up.  I spotted an amphibian (newt or salamander) in a near by pool.

A log jam can be seen in the distance.

The Bridge at Big Sandy Creek was air lifted into place by the Air National Guard.  To read more about it go to:

Temperance Flat

The main portion of Big Sandy Creek meeting the San Joaquin River/Millerton Lake

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