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My favorite way to get to Upper Twin Lake and George Lake is via the Potter Cuttoff Trail that starts at Badger Flat (map, N37 16.182  W119 07.284, elevation 8300ft).  It travels 2 miles along the south side of the Kaiser Ridge and crosses over at Potter Pass (map, N37 17.235  W119 8.434, elevation 8970ft).  The trail then descends into the northern part of the wilderness, and it is approximately 1.5 miles from the pass to Upper Twin Lake (map, N37 17.752  W119 9.561, elevation 8606ft).  It's an easy to moderate hike that will take 2 to 3 hours one way depending on your pace.

Gene at the trailhead

Scott approaching Potter Pass.

I find it very helpful to use hiking poles.  They help steady my body with its higher center of gravity due to carrying a pack and this takes some of the stress off of my knees.  They also help give an assist when going up hill.

The view of Huntington Lake as we approach Potter Pass.

Potter Pass

The trail widens as it reaches the pass.  I assume this happens because people shift their focus from walking to gawking. They probably fan out and walk beside each other.  I have to admit that there is something special about reaching a pass. The horizon drops away as you approach the high point and you get the feeling that you've reach the edge of the world.

An incredible view of 13,140 foot high Mount Ritter and the Minarets as seen from Potter Pass.

Gene at Potter Pass


A small meadow immediately north of Potter Pass

Round Meadow north of Potter Pass

A lone sentinel.

Scott, back at the trail head.

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