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George Lake is a very picturesque spot to visit. It is not a large lake, but it sits in a granite basin surrounded by pine forest, with a small meadow on on the south end, and an interesting mountain that rises 900 feet about the lake and reflects beautifully on the water when the wind is still.

We arrived at the lake in late afternoon on September 8th, 2007 and made camp.  Our tent was situated in a sand spot surrounded by granite rock that showed evidence of glacial polish. It was a great place to cook our dinner and eat it will taking in the view of the lake. The pine trees across the lake from us were awash with light as the sun set. The waning light was followed by a drop in temperature, and we decided to retire early. The next morning was cold, in the low 40's, but warmed quickly as the sun rose. We were treated to a spectacular display of light as the mountain behind the lake was bathed in an amber glow that soon disappeared as the sun rose higher. The wind was relatively still and the lake was mostly calm. Gene and I were very busy snapping off photos of this spectacular, yet fleeting, display of natures glory.

After finishing breakfast we took a leisurely walk around the lake, and then prepared for a cross-country hike up to College Lake. Afterward, we returned to our campsite, grabbed our backpacks and headed back home by returning along the route we had taken the previous day.

Coordinates N 37° 17.484'  W 119° 10.244';  Elevation 9100 feet
Google Maps - George Lake

Scott making dinner. My bear vault not only protected
our food, but it gave me something to sit on.

Gene working on dinner.

Our campsite on a sand spot surround by granite that was polished smooth by the action of ancient glaciers.

In the morning we were treated to a spectacular show of light on the mountain behind George Lake. As the sun rose, it bathed the peak with an amber glow that reflected and filled the lake basin with a spectacular show of light. It was a very special experience and the highlight of the trip.

John Muir once wrote, "how ineffably, spiritually fine is the morning glow on the mountain tops. Perhaps the Sierra should not have been named the Snowy Range but the Range of Light."

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Home > Kaiser Wilderness > 2007 Backpacking > George Lake Page 1

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