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The eastern end of Kings Canyon is a beautiful place to visit. The trail begins at Roads End which is located about 5 or 6 miles east of Cedar Grove and is literally the “end of the road” of Highway 180. Carved by glaciers and the Kings River it rivals (in my opinion) Yosemite Valley and is visited by far fewer people. Mist Falls is a popular destionation for many dayhikers and is the largest waterfall in Kings Canyon National Park. The first 2 miles of the trail are relatively flat and sandy. At Bailey Bridge and the confluence of Bubb's Creek, the trail and Kings River turn northward and begin a gradul acsent for another 2.5 miles to Mist Falls.  North of the falls and further up the canyon, lies the appropriately named Paradise Valley. About half of the Mist Falls Trail overlaps with the Woods Creek Trail.

  Near Cedar Grove & Roads End in  Kings Canyon National Park
  Google Maps - Roads End & Paradise Valley

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Roads End Ranger Station



Muir Rock seen from the south side of the Kings River


Kings Canyon, looking west not far from Roads End.


The Sphinx is a majestic granite monolith named by John Muir which can been seen while hiking on most of the Mist Falls Trail.


Bailey Bridge at the confluence of the Kings River and Bubbs Creek.



The trail passes through several cedar groves which fill the air with their thick scent.


In mid summer and later, the Kings River has many deep emerald pools where the water flows slowly.



Here the trail runs along the Kings River which was at a 20 year peak in June, 2010.
It was a raging torent of white water -- a powerful thing to behold . . . and respect.




I especially like sections of trail that are lined with ferns.



This is a spectauclar place to stop and look around.




The view down the canyon toward The Sphinx


The Sphinx Crest mountains.


The specatular view down canyon from the switchbacks above Mist Falls.




The trail passes through a cedar grove at the top of Mist Falls.


The Sphinx and Kings Canyon.

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Home > Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks > Mist Falls Trail  > Mist Falls

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