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On the western shore of Courtright Reservoir is a granite dome close to the Trapper Springs camp ground. It rises over 500 feet above the reservoir and rewards a little bit of hiking with an incredible view. There is an easily accessible, small plateau on the dome's eastern face where I caputred the first two panoramas. The third panorama was taked farther up the dome from a small rock shelf  just below the peak. The photos were taken in October, 2008, and the reservoir was only half full.

Click on the links below to view a panoramic image of Courtright Reservoir and slide the scroll bar to pan the image.
Panoramic Image1   10/5/08
360 degree pan
Location: N37 06.320 W118 58.965
Panoramic Image 2  10/5/08
180 degree pan
Location: N37 06.320 W118 58.965
Panoramic Image 3  10/5/08
as seen from a shelf just below the peak
Location: N37 06.357 W118 59.036

Slide the SCROLL BAR to pan the picture.

I found some old film photos I took in 1995 at the same location. It is interesting to compare the area over a 13-14 year period.
Panoramic Image 4   11/4/1995
Old film photos I scanned and stitched together
Location: N37 06.320 W118 58.965
Panoramic Image 5  7/30/2009
190 degree pan, reservoir is full

Location: N37 06.320 W118 58.965

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